GÖTTI SWITZERLAND presents new Titanium and Acetate eyeglasses

GÖTTI SWITZERLAND presents new Titanium and Acetate eyeglasses. The latest collection from GÖTTI SWITZERLAND focuses on transparency and freshness in terms of colours. The lightness of the new colour pallete is captivating.


The highlight of the new Titanium Collection is the 93/13 Celebration Edition for götti‘s 20th anniversary. Contemporary details and elements of the very first titanium collection make these new frames outstanding.

The latest acetate models whisper a promise of refreshing summer with their luminous, slightly transparent colors.

“Where to put my sunglasses?” Who has never asked themselves this question? The new sunglasses from götti, featuring the Spin & Stow system, can be tucked away anywhere. Their sleek elegance and the three-dimensional milled acetate inner ring make them the ideal companion on a sunny day.

The natural horn eyeglasses are as smooth as Kashmir and are very comfortable to wear. Handcrafted by specialists, each pair of horn eyeglasses is one of a kind with its unique coloring, structure, a sleek and contemporary design and characteristic way of playing with the light; which is sure to make natural horn eyeglasses from götti Switzerland your favorite glasses.


zgotti_PHIL_BLKMGötti Switzerland presents Phil and Pino, their latest titanium eyeglasses, produced as the 93/13 Celebration Edition to celebrate the 20th anniversary of götti Switzerland. These two Swiss gentlemen travel elegantly with a modern saddle bridge and the classic, finely tooled details that götti has been known for since the very first collection produced by Sven Götti. What makes these models special is their light, sporty elegance with clearly defined shapes. Sven Götti combines stylish shapes with a saddle bridge that lends coolness to these titanium glasses.


sgotti_FILIPA_BLHFreshness and lightness are best combined with luminous colors. The new collection from götti Switzerland features the right combination of colors with translucence and clearly defined shapes. These new beauties are captivating with softly rounded sides and temples that become diagonally lighter towards the end. Special milling brings the light, otherwise hidden inner side of the glasses to the forefront and makes them enchanting with summer lightness.


Press-Release.MIDO13.EGötti Switzerland presents its new sunglasses made from lightweight titanium. They are attractive with innovative shapes and the combination with a three-dimensional acetate inner ring. The thin inner ring with a Havanna look lends these cool sunglasses a touch of warmth and charm. „Where to put my sunglasses?“ Who has never asked themselves this question? The new sunglasses from götti, featuring the Spin & Stow system, can be tucked away anywhere. With just a spin the revolving earpieces the sunglasses can be folded up flat so that they fit anywhere. Their sleek coolness makes these glasses the ideal summer companion. Götti also delivers innovation with the sun protection lenses; the nylon lenses are given an anti-reflection coating on the reverse side. Annoying light that reaches the reverse side of the lenses is weakened by the coating so that the wearer can see comfortably even in dazzling sunlight.


Prsess-Release.MIDO13.EThe frames made of buffalo horn and thin layers of wood are produced with elaborate craftsmanship, which gives them their unique esthetic. The combination of layered sheets of horn with several days of polishing produces an extraordinary companion. The art, individuality, design and incomparable way they play with the light make natural horn eyeglasses from götti your favorite eyewear.

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