ic! berlin: Forces Of Nature

ic! berlin presents an eyewear collection of worlds and not just glasses

Anne K.

As a frozen mountain of ice drifts silently and aimlessly through the Arctic Ocean a 1971 Cadillac Eldorado screams out of the Mojave Desert and on to the glittering Las Vegas Boulevard. In the surrounding desert, hot ochre sands kiss icy blue skies while on their way to the North Pole, explorers make campfires in the snow. Our Earth is in constant counterpoint: slow–fast, warm–cold, standard–screwless.

Harry S.

In 2016 ic! berlin brings you a collection of worlds, not just glasses. Frozen worlds, hedonistic worlds, worlds where crème brulee is something you put on your face as you look through a mirrored swimming pool. These worlds have inspired the colours for ic! berlin’s newest collection of glasses and sunglasses. New colours such as rocket fuel, walnut, teal and tofu transport the wearer to another time and place, be it the Alps in winter chewing on warm gooey toffee or the outskirts of Las Vegas on a Monday morning.

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