ic! berlin’s New Green Collection

The new stylish and functional Green Collection by ic! berlin aims to improve your performance


This season, ic! berlin extends its line of designer golf eyewear with new shapes, new colour-ways and their first 3D printed sunglass specifically designed to boost your performance and your style on and off the green.

ic! berlin turns the fairway into a runway with the new 3D printed ‘Julika’. Its classic shape and soft lines create a sunglass that looks just as good on the high street as it does on the golf course. Joining ‘Julika’ is the new feather light ‘Uli E.’, a strong, stylish frame to take you through all 18 holes, onto the 19th, back to the office and then home again. Such is the philosophy of The Green Collection: eyewear that is as stylish as it is functional so it doesn’t need to be thrown in your bag after the game.

Uli E
Uli E

At ic! berlin, fashion and function are two sides of the same coin. Silicon nose pads and temple tips provide better grip and more cushioning, while photochromic lenses darken with UV exposure to reduce glare and improve depth perception. The lens colours—photo copper mirrored and photo orange mirrored—enhance contrast of whites and greens so following the ball against a cloudy sky or finding the break in the green was never easier.

In 2016 The Green Collection meets the Crew, ic! berlin’s collection of frames named after ic! berlin employees from all over the world. ‘Julika’ and ‘Uli E.’ are not just brand new performance-enhancing golf sunglasses, they are ic! berliners working at ic! berlin HQ in Berlin.

ic! berlin’s 2016 Green Collection is available from March through ic! berlin Dealers and selected golf and sporting goods stores worldwide.

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