International Klein Blue Collection By Etnia Barcelona

The International Klein Blue collection stems from the encounter between the designers at Etnia Barcelona and the Yves Klein Archives, representing Yves Klein’s heir, at the brand offices in Barcelona.

lowres-vista_ENG-5From the beginning, Etnia Barcelona has adopted colour as a form of expression and now, has managed to become a pioneer in colour development and study. The brand’s expressions of colour have become the focal point of its collections and communications.

The collection capitalizes on ‘Klein blue’, materialised in the form of an eyeglass collection created in collaboration with the archives bequeathed by the creator himself, Yves Klein

International Klein Blue collection by Etnia Barcelona

Klein Blue colour has been used by the fashion industry for decades. This is the first time that Yves Klein Archives, representing Yves Klein’s heir, authorized a brand for the use of the unique colour patented by Yves Klein himself. Thus Klein Blue colour takes form in an exclusive product.

lowres-vista_ENG-4Klein Blue: The colour of fashion

A ‘vintage-style’ glasses collection with gentle shapes but of great presence and personality, creating a product both stylish and daring.

The lenses used for this collection are manufactured by Barberini. Mineral lenses of the highest quality with a mirrored effect that achieves an overall retro look following the spirit of the collection.

Fashion, design & social responsibility

Royalties of this collection will be donated to the Orphanaid NGO, a non-profit organization developing programs and projects to help vulnerable children and their families in Ghana, West Africa.

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