J.F.Rey Lightness: Extra Fine Acetate Eyewear

The eyewear is inspired by fine, metallic door plate holders, and is available in a range of beautiful colours, materials and shapes


A beautiful range of colours, materials and shapes, and extremely lightweight – qualities that define the new eyewear collection from J.F.Rey.

A simple, delicate range, it is inspired by fine, metallic door plate holders, with vintage style rivets on the front and inserts with the logo added to the end of the temples.

A notable innovation: use of the very latest technological advances for the extreme fineness of the acetate sheets.

Denis, J.F.Rey eyewear, Design Manager, said, “Our mastery of the drying processes used for acetate now means that we can obtain extraordinarily fine sheets, but without in any way sacrificing mechanical efficiency. By exploring this process, and combining it with the idea of lightweight, comfortable and elegant frames, we have developed an innovative, technically and very efficient product. Proof, if needed, that well-designed acetate frames still have a great future ahead of them!”

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