KAOS Eyewear Goes Punk At SILMO 2014

The eyewear collection is aimed at a younger audience and features bright colours and mohawks 


Mohawks, piercing, and day-glow colours form the new punk world of KAOS, the line of Area98 frames designed for younger wearers who are determined and rebellious at the same time. The eyewear follows suit.

This collection expresses its originality in every detail, starting from the shapes : two-tone square or round fronts that capture the gaze with a double bridge (as in model KKV343) or with completely unexpected elements of decor. Strong colours, aggressive particulars and contrasting chromatic combinations augment impact further in the play of shades of red, black, electric blue and fuchsia, all coming alive in day-glow brightness.

Models KKV346 are different instead, if just as strong, with their acetate moulding along the temples and the top of the front. The intended effect is the creation of an in-your-face mohawk that symbolises the rejection of conformity and the pursuit of a freer and wilder Me. The colours are suggestive of the heavy makeup once favoured by punk’s snarliest bands.


Other details of the punk world can be found in models KKV348 and KKV349, such as the metal peen shot through the temples and the brow bar’s upper rim as if they were actual piercing studs.

In this new collection of frames presented at Silmo, KAOS has attempted to demonstrate its flair for interpreting the spirit and desire of the youngest wearers with style once again.


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