Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld: A Living Legend Of The Fashion World

Karl Lagerfeld and his brand, both are true winners, which is the secret of their prosperity. Fashion to be admired and uniqueness in every design, that’s Karl Lagerfeld for you

I am not a second option person. It is that or nothing. If it is not the way I see it I prefer not to see it.

This famous phrase belongs to prominent Karl Lagerfeld and determines the way this designer built up his fashion empire. Decisive and strong-willing, Lagerfeld wants to take only the best things life is capable of offering him. Acting on the spur of the moment, he is the father of the brand that carries his own name and attitude towards success.

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is a beautiful Latin phrase that means Enjoy the pleasures of every moment you have.  It is a perfect motto for Karl Lagerfeld’s life, who was born in Germany in 1933 but has spent his entire life in Paris. Inspired by French romance and bohemian rhythm of life in Paris, Lagerfeld began to develop as an artist, designer and creator. He studied at Lycée Montaigne in Paris, majoring in drawing and history and was later hired by the Balmain Fashion house as a new assistant.

Karl Lagerfeld
Karl Lagerfeld

His designing career started in 1963 when he began working for Roman Fashion house Tiziani. However, being one of dozens didn’t appeal to him; Lagerfeld wanted his talent to be noticed and worshiped the way it deserved to be. Thus, he started looking for new perspectives, collaborating with Fendi, Chloe; designing for La Scala Theater and finally, in 1998, designing his first own collection called Lagerfeld Gallery.

People became obsessed with Lagerfeld’s designs and talent. He became the kind of person that is welcomed and admired everywhere he goes. In 2004, Karl Lagerfeld created 30 outfits for H&M under the “Lagerfeld for H&M” line; thus, H&M became one more world famous brand that was afforded the honor of collaborating with Lagerfeld. A year after this, Lagerfeld Gallery got sold to Tommy Hilfiger for being extremely prosperous; Karl Lagerfeld still remained the head director of the company and continued to create masterpieces. In 2006, Lagerfeld Gallery was rebranded the way we know it nowadays and became called Karl Lagerfeld, as a note of grant to its comprehensive founder.

In 2010, together with Swedish crystal manufacturer Orrefors, announced the launch of his first crystal art collection that was of an unbelievable success. Due to opening his first store in Qatar,  Lagerfeld can be recognized as a truly world-wide brand, having his fashion boutiques in Europe, America and Asia. The fact that Lagerfeld is also going to design two lobbies of luxury Estates at Acqualina in Miami proves one more time how extremely comprehensive and gifted this great person is.

Karl LagerfeldWorld of Karl

He always comes in front of cameras wearing a pair of shades that became a sort of his own trademark. That is why Lagerfeld pays most of his precious attention to creating eyewear. He cannot be imagined without his shades as well as we cannot imagine our outfits without a sparkle of glory gifted by Karl Lagerfeld.

Brilliant worshipers of a brilliant brand

The input Karl Lagerfeld made into the world of high fashion is hard to believe. Everything, form a famous Coco Chanel monogram CC to impressing costumes of the world’s famous theaters were designed by him. No wonder celebrities want to feel the magnificence of Lagerfeld’s brand by wearing his outfits.

Kim Kardashian is one of hundreds of celebrities who couldn’t resist the charm of Karl Lagerfeld’s eyewear. The KL869S is one of Kim’s most beloved sunglasses’ models. A dark square-framed pair of glasses embellished with a single letter K on the frame that stands for Karl goes perfectly with all the types of outfits. It looks close to the eyewear shape Lagerfeld himself prefers to wear and therefore can be considered to be a perfect standard of an eyewear fashion.

Karl Lagerfeld
Lady Gaga and Karl Lagerfeld

Another original person who likes wearing original eyewear designed by Karl Lagerfeld is Lady Gaga. She is also known for her thirst for everything extraordinary and unique, which is why the eyewear model KL603S-004 in her wardrobe shouldn’t surprise you. Oversized sunglasses look great in a purple color, for it also glitters in the sun. Beautiful and bold, these glasses make Lady Gaga look even more daring but at the same time very sophisticated. They are a perfect choice for a blond shiny girl who wants to be in the centre of everybody’s attention.

As Lagerfeld confesses himself, he wouldn’t be able to create such stunning things if he weren’t surrounded by his Muses who inspire him to work. Every celebrity who wears Lagerfeld’s eyewear is his own Muse, a person of a moment who encourages people to do amazing things. Lily-Rose Depp, Kendall Jenner, Jenifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow can also consider themselves to be Maestro’s Muses, light and shiny.

Through tined shades

Karl Lagerfeld
KL920, Karl Lagerfeld

The eyewear Lagerfeld designs belongs to the highest fashion league. If you need more proves, take a look at Karl Lagerfeld Semi Rimless Cut Out Sunglasses that look so airy and refined you won’t avoid dozens of compliments while wearing them. Their light rose-gold frame will suit any outfit you choose and add a glimmer of luxury to your casual day. The aviator-style lenses are colored with the help of an ombre technique, the latest trend in the fashion world. Smooth and unobtrusive, the eyewear will make you the star of the day or evening, depending on when you decide to wear it.

Karl Lagerfeld

Saffiano Cat Eye Sunglasses are an amazingly strong evidence of that. One more example of a perfect execution, these shades look marvelous due to being so simple with their sugar brown lenses and a pale golden frame.  They are that very special zest every outfit should have.

KL901S is a heavy model of a round shape and is beneficial only for those who can truly appreciate fashion in all its beauty. It is the Yin-Yang of eyewear, combining a male’s boldness and a female’s sophistication. If you are brave enough to bask in fame, this model will look amazing on you.

Karl Lagerfeld
KL246S, Karl Lagerfeld

One more miracle performed by Karl Lagerfeld is KL601S. These strong sunglasses are one of favorite models of an American actress and fashion designer Chloë Sevigny. A large eyewear frame combined with dark lenses doesn’t need any additional embellishments to look stylish and trendy. If there were books on how to design a perfect eyewear model, KL601S could certainly be found on this book’s pages as a perfect example of a perfect work. With summer being so close, the model is a must-have for everyone who wants their eyes to be protected from the damaging sun lights and look gorgeous at the same time.

Since decades, Karl Lagerfeld has been creatively contributing to the industry and his work is an inspiration for the fashion savvy generation as they like uniqueness just as much as he does!


September 10, 1933 – Karl Lagerfeld was born in Hamburg, Germany

1955 – made his first steps in the world of High Fashion by getting hired as an assistant of Pierre Balmain, a French fashion designer

1963 – started his design career by working for Roman Fashion house Tiziani

1965 – began to collaborate with Fendi, producing clothes and accessories, including fashionable sunglasses

1980s – H. C. Andersen’s tale ‘The Emperior’s New Clothes’ was published with Lagerfeld’s drawings

1998 – established his own fashion brand, Lagerfeld Gallery

2006 – went for rebranding and turned his Fashion house into Karl Lagerfeld

2010 – announced launching of his first crystal art collection

2016 – Karl Lagerfeld was going to design two residential lobbies of luxury estates in Miami’s Sunny Isles Beach

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