Party In Style With Komono X Tomorrowland

Komono introduces a new sunglasses collection in collaboration with the famous electronic music festival Tomorrowland

Komono x TML - Dreyfuss - Teal GradientKomono – the Belgian watches and sunglasses brand globally known for its unique combination of fashion details and quality production – launches ‘Komono X Tomorrowland’, a new sunglasses collection developed with the electronic music festival Tomorrowland.

Komono X Tomorrowland is a perfect example of Komono’s commitment to push the boundaries of the known accessory world and conquer new frontiers through special collaborations with artists and events from around the globe. The new collection is a blend of truly kindred spirits: both brands began their story in the tiny kingdom of Belgium and both of them dreamed big, creating their own unique global community.

Inspired by a world without borders and combining fashion and music, reality and fantasy, light and dark, the collection is made of six typically timeless and timely Komono frames that set themselves apart by matching translucent gradient prints with gradient lenses. Each style comes with a cleaning cloth and a hard case and is inscribed with words of wisdom that invite people to keep a magical perspective on life.

Clement - Yellow Gradient - Side

CLEMENT – “Never change”

An avant-garde Komono frame, the Clement is all about sophisticated details, soft angles and curves. Available with yellow gradient lenses and tips.

VIVIEN – “Happy Looks Good on You”

Sometimes it’s a fine line between ‘just OK’ design and brilliant design: the Vivien, with yellow gradient lenses and tips, gently picks up that fine line and places it in the center of its elegant silhouette.

Coco - Pink Gradient - Side

COCO – “Dare to Dream”

This oversized Komono classic design is the ideal choice to make a statement. Matched with pink gradient lenses and tips, it will surely get you noticed.

 LULU – “Memories Last Forever”

The lines of the Komono Lulu have a slight upsweep at the edges: a little flourish at the corners, not unlike a curly tip on a gentleman’s moustache or a cheeky smile at the edge of your lips. Available with pink gradient lenses and tips.

Dreyfuss - Teal Gradient - Side

DREYFUSS – “Seize the Moment of Happiness”

The Dreyfuss, with teal gradient lenses and tips, is a refined frame with a subtle, arched bridge that transforms just about any facial expression into a highbrow event.

FRANCIS – “See the Beauty in Everyone”

The rounded frame and narrow profile give the Francis a lighter, airier appearance. Matched with teal gradient lenses and tips, this slender-templed masterpiece is the perfect harmony of svelteness and vibrancy.


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