MAD IN ITALY: Official brand distribution by Hassans FZCO

Vista Eyewear srl a leading Italian company in high tech design, as the pleasure to introduce MAD IN ITALY, exclusively distributed throughout the Middle East market by Hassans FZCO.

Thanks to the collaboration and the historic and renowned experience Hassans FZCO., we have the great opportunity to make known in the Middle East, the new brand of Italian design, MAD IN ITALY, now present in more than 30 countries around the world.


DALIA-madfun-51-19-135-E03Freedom, choice, attention to detail. What about breaking the mould? Just wear these glasses: design your face and stress your personality.

MAD IN ITALY is high quality of construction and sophisticated technologies. The production process starts with the most audacious creativity and then is developed by a working team that experiments with new materials and production techniques to end up with a unique and innovative proposal.

Imagination, creativity and a desire to dare: this is the formula and this is the project.


MAD IN ITALY Sunglasses

Some of the characteristics of these glasses if the collection MAD IN ITALY are: lightness, flexibility, transparency, elasticity, comfort and uniqueness. Thanks to new technologies we are able to get closer to the classic sunglasses in a totally innovative and out of the ordinary.

MAX-55-16-140-C01MAD FUN concepts be born because we feel tired of black and grey, problems, crisis. We need some fun to make reality less dramatic and to find new solutions. That’s why we’ve started from the colors. We’ve made use of patchwork and we’ve got the inspiration from whatever surrounds us: pictures and images, posters, signs, newspapers, splashes of colors. A new idea of glasses for women comes out. The woman with a personality. Unique glasses which are different from one another. Mad Fun: amusing, creative, with a personality, unique and strong, light and authentic at the same time.

The patented Easy Hinge system that has done so well due to its reliability and style, meets Carbon. We have made a temple of carbon and rubber joined together by hot welding (fusion), the steel core placed inside the temple makes it flexible, adjustable, comfortable, and also strong. The diversity of forms and materials of the front faces made with steel, acetate and full-rim completes this trilogy of models to satisfy all tastes.

This is the MAD IN ITALY world…

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