Mad In Italy Unveils Peperone Collection

The brand has introduced this collection of sunglasses that are entirely designed and produced in Italy 

Mad In Italy - Peperone collection
Mad In Italy – Peperone collection

Mad in Italy is a brand of Vista Eyewear Srl, an Italian company based in Alano di Piave in the province of Belluno, Italy. It has unveiled the Peperone collection of sunglasses – a creation of Claudio Dallo Longa, the company’s creative director and designer with over 30 years of experience in the eye-wear industry.

Mad in Italy dishes out products that translate ‘creative folly’ into practice, creating something in the process that shows Italy’s uniqueness. Each pair is an evidence of the brand’s cultural and artistic heritage, aesthetic sensitivity and a distinctive style to not only build an innovative product, but also a project that turns into a lifestyle.

Extravagance, technology, pioneering spirit, focus on user friendliness – all these elements form a part of Mad in Italy’s collections. The products are for all those who love quality and new things and for those who seek –  in daily life and everyday objects – the authenticity of everything that can bring them cultural and technological enrichment. It is for people who want to express their own identity, going beyond fads and creating their own personal style.

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