Maybach Eyewear Limited Gold Edition

Maybach Eyewear has established itself at the peak of the luxury eyewear world since 2010. 

To enable our ambitious customers to reach for even higher quality, MAYBACH EYEWEAR has launched its first Limited Gold Editions.

MAYBACH EYEWEAR has created the most sophisticated designs and enhanced them with the most precious material combinations, producing a real optical masterpiece. Though timeless design, it is modern in its variations.

THE-ARTIST-III-goldHandcrafted from solid 18K gold, these limited edition glasses will be made on order, featuring an engraved serial number, with a strict maximum of 50 pieces only per variation for sunglasses and 100 pieces only per variation for optical frames being produced.

Combined with solid 18K gold, white gold and rose gold, luxury materials as exotic woods and natural buffalo horn are used to create this outstanding limited gold eyewear. Moreover, three jewelled combinations with a stunning setting of up to 225 diamonds in the highest of qualities are offered.

All sunglasses use special Carl Zeiss lenses, which not only offer 100% UV protection but also reflect the latest technology with state of the art lens coatings, as well as a polarization which improves vision in strong light conditions.

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