Minima Rimless Eyewear

Designed by professional opticians the various styles of these rimless eyewear are made to fit tastefully and comfortably the faces of men and women from all continents where the frames are now sold.

Minima Pocket Solaire Brin Uni Bronze Brosse
Minima Pocket Solaire Brin Uni Bronze Brosse

Established in France, south of Paris, Minima is the world specialist of Beta titanium rimless eyewear. The company conceives and manufactures innovative, patented eyeglass frames, all in a manner that is minimalist, pure in line, discreet and functional. Anallergic and not subject  to deterioration, titanium provides as material to Minima, those qualities of flexibility, strength and unusual light weight that result in an exceptional wearing comfort. The complete range of Minima for adults, for juniors and seniors covers optical frames and plano sunglasses with a large selection of sizes and also of attractive colors for which Minima is known. The quality of the frames, the warranties and their unique designs are confirming their success in over 70 countries worldwide.

Minima-Junior Style

One different style for every day. ! In any case, it is on this idea that the new concept of Minima Junior Style frame is based. Unique, simple and funny at the same time, it will allow our kids to customize the temples of their frames with adorable, reposition able stickers. Different and funny styles that our children can collect for fun.

Minima-63 & 64

Introducing two new designs for men in the Minima Profils collection. A strong design, combines colour schemes and texture for a modern feel. The collection offers two types of assembly: screws or staples.



Minima Sport-11 is the latest design for women in the sunglasses collection. The patented swivel arms make these sunglasses comfortable and a simple and elegant design make them trendy. You will be surprised at how comfortable these sunglasses are as well as how small they are!


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