MORGAN Launches Distinctive New Models In Its Fall/Winter 2014 Eyewear Collection

The French fashion brand introduces an acetate and a metal frame, which help project elegance, confidence and maturity

The metal and acetate frames from MORGAN's new Fall/Winter 2014 collection
The metal and acetate frames from MORGAN’s new Fall/Winter 2014 collection

MORGAN, a brand that makes young French fashion at affordable prices, has launched its Fall/Winter 2014 collection. Lookbooks and catwalks currently show a more distinctive, elegant and assertive style of outfit, coupled with incomparable French appeal. MORGAN’s new eyewear models are in sync with the new trend.

50 Shades of Black (Mod. 201085)

Black is and remains an unquenchable trend. This distinctive acetate frame typifies the essence of the new MORGAN fashion collection: elegance, self-confidence and maturity. It is available in three colours: Black (Col. 8840), lilac (Col. 6868) and red (Col. 6869).

Black meets White (Mod. 203145)

Black and white combinations are modern and suitable for all occasions. This cool metal frame is good for everyday styling. Available in three colour combinations: Black/white (Col. 486), brown/light green (Col. 488) and in pale red/pink (Col. 487).

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