Mykita's Trendy Styles For Spring/Summer 2014

For Spring/Summer 2014, Mykita introduces several unique styles in subtle variations. Here’s a look at what Mykita has to offer…


A square and a panto – the Jarvis and Giles are brought to new, sportive life through the addition of a double bridge. The non-flush fitting and set-back top bar brings a new dimension that recalls the silhouette of a vintage metal frame. Matted surfaces combined with translucent colours add a touch of luxury to these conventional shapes.

Feminine Extreme


A manifestation of tradition and modernism, Seraphina is the oversized panto brought to a feminine extreme. Invoking the vintage style of semi-rimmed frames through clever colour-blocking and deceptive line weights, the playful graphic quality of the frame is contrasted by the fine gold rim detail. Gold-plated hinges and matte lacquered surfaces correspond with the softly golden-mirrored lenses.

MYKITA_NO1_SUN_EDMUND_HUDSON_GROUP_01_72dpiFight the light
Edmund and Hudson combine the casual, sporty look with efficient light protection. The duo’s design incorporates cues from expansive 1950s frames. Wide temples and a wide bridge avert sunrays from above and the sides, while the snug-fitting browline
and nose similarly keep incoming light to a minimum. Bold frame colours combined with mirrored lenses deliver protection and clear vision.


The Gallerina
The Luella model plays with illusions. What at first glance appears to be a bulky acetate frame is in reality fashioned out of the lightweight and flat stainless steel concept. The ‘bulky’ appearance is enhanced by a somber colour scheme and thick temples.

MYKITA_NO2_SUN_NADA_CUBA_P_1_01_72dpiThe Nada model is a classic example of testing out materials upto the limits. The delicate frame is made of acetate, a material ostensibly associated with the very opposite, as acetate frames are normally bold and chunky. This, coupled with an eccentric double bridge and a unique colour combination is what lends Nada its flamboyant charm.

The models Mercer and Green are distinguished by the contrast between traditional shape and unconventional

The soft appearance of the glassbead-blasted frames in combination with gold laminated lenses brings about a laid-back elegance.

Sophisticated Sports look
MYKITA_LITE_SUN_ROALD_COPPERBLACK_BROWNMETALLIC_P1_01_72dpiIn the design of Ronald, the emphasis lies in the play of lines. As if drawn by hand, the upper bridge seamlessly connects with the frame in an unchanging line width. Inspired by the early days of spectacle manufacturing, the original shape has been disproportionately enlarged. The contoured surfaces emerge more clearly through the interplay of various colour combinations, calling the cool sports look of the 1930s to mind.

MYKITA_MYLON_SUN_MOUNTAIN_GROUP_01-7_72dpiPerfect Performance
The Mylon glacier sunglasses are the perfect sports companions. The removable side clips are a modern alternative to the leather sections of 1950s’ alpine goggles, that protect from both sun and wind, while the flexible temples retreat comfortably under any helmet – an efficient fusion of functionality and aesthetics.


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