New Blackfin Zero Edge' Presented At Opti 2014

New Blackfin Zero Edge Models And Two-Toned Trend For Zero-Gravity Frames were presented at Opti 2014.
If the first ultra-light Blackfin Zero EDGE frames revolutionised the whole concept of metal frames, now it’s time for new styling. These latest additions to the collection, presented at Opti 2014, reinterpret the latest design trends and the fashion for hi-tech eyewear, combining lightness with vibrant, high-impact colours, two-tone fluorescent shades in contrast with more classic tones.
BLACKFIN ZERO EDGE_BF701_col. 468There are three new models in beta-titanium, two for men, the bold square-shaped BF700 Mackay and BF701 Galway, and one for women with a slightly cats-eye top rim, BF702 Bantry. All three new models have the innovative features of the “Zero EDGE” range, weighing-in at only 4.1 grams, they encompass the very best of Blackfin technology with ‘Atom Zero’ shock-absorbing hinge, patented ‘Swordfish Mini’ temple tips, whose break-off guides make it possible to shorten the temples in three simple moves, minimalist design, excellent quality and incredibly light weight.
BLACKFIN ZERO EDGE_BF700_col. 479What makes these three frames different is the brand new palette of colours that sets a whole new fashion trend. The traditional shades of black, grey and dark brown are now teamed with decidedly bolder tones: navy blue, sky blue, electric blue, red, green, fuchsia and purple, in fluorescent versions as well. The result is a stunning two-tone set of models that defy the law of gravity and set a stunning new trend.
‘Blackfin Zero Edge’ frames in beta-titanium have created a genuine eyewear revolution. Ultra-slim-line design, extreme flexibility, anodised colours (impossible on steel), these frames are up to 70% lighter than their steel counterparts.
The Blackfin collection embodies the “neomadeinitaly” concept, a term coined by Pramaor to sum up the philosophy that guides their work every day. Every Blackfin frame has been entirely designed and manufactured at their own factory in Italy, working to a model that takes care not only of the product but of those who produce it.

This is an approach born of passion, dedication, respect and care for their workers and their working environment. This is the sincerest tribute to what makes the Made-in-Italy brand and its representatives so great, in order to spread the word about the true meaning of the word quality.

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