Ogi Eyewear Introduces Innotec


Ogi Eyewear announces the launch of a new brand – Innotec Eyewear.

Innotec Eyewear aims to fuse innovation with technology to form lightweight, yet durable frames that are the ultimate in modernism and sleek styling.

Innovation Meets Technology

Beginning as a small collection of frames within the Ogi Eyewear brand, this innovative collection has grown popular throughout the optical industry with its hand-colored patterns, lightweight feel and durable materials. Formerly known as a series within Ogi Eyewear called the Evo-Tec Collection, Innotec Eyewear has been given a new identity as it has evolved into its own brand. The name, ‘Innotec’ aims to the identify with the philosophy that innovative design, paired with technological advances in eyewear, result in a unique modern style.


Each Innotec Eyewear frame is handcrafted with a combination of mixed materials including ultem, TR-90, and surgical plastic. The strong, durable construction provides a comfortable lightweight feel, that can be customized to any face with adjustable nose pads. The matte texture gives each frame a modern finish that accentuates the unique frame pattern. Varied shapes including rectangle, angular and oval frames are joined by sculpted bridges for a sleek look. Available in a wide variety of bold colors as well as classic black, grey, and black to frost gradient fades, Innotec offers eye-catching designs that evoke sleek style.

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