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Ogi Eyewear is excited to present its innovative take on metal frames with their new handcrafted stainless steel styles.

lowres-4301_groupThis material gives each frame a durable, lightweight feel with flattering designer details that portray exquisite character. Ogi Eyewear applies its signature channel setting technique, which gives each frame a unique luxurious texture.

The essence of rich organic patterns such as wood, marble and leather, are set flush within the metal frame, creating a slim structure that is nearly weightless on the face.

Highlighting decorative elements such as a sleek, thin metal rim, diamond-shaped accents and gorgeous textured paneling, Ogi Eyewear’s metal frames have a matte yet luminous look that is truly one of a kind.

Featured Styles:


Featuring an angular rectangle shape and a swooping brow, the 4300 by Ogi Eyewear has a defined look full of exquisite design details. It is available in several colors from wine to sapphire, with textures including granite and wood. Each stainless steel combination design is embellished with tapered metallic outlining and a duo of rivets on the front and the temples. The pinched bridge forms symmetrical cut outs, which give this frame an unexpected touch. With a luminous matte look and durable yet lightweight construction and adjustable nose pads, the 4300 fuses impressive style elements with everyday wear ability.


Showcasing a fusion of stainless steel and colorful paneling, the Ogi 4301 is an elegant round frame with delicate details. With the signature lightweight feel, Ogi adds in exquisite designer touches including the hairline metal rim around the front and temples as well as the diamond shaped accents. This frame is made complete with a half-paneled face that rounds out at the bridge for a distinguished brow.

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