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New Additions to the Revolutionary Evo-Tec Collection

Ogi Eyewear is excited to announce the addition of four new styles to enhance the revolutionary Evo-Tec Collection. This innovative collection initially debuted as a collection for the modern male, although it has now expanded to include three elegant styles designed for any woman who desires a sleek, sophisticated look with a striking edge. This uniquely modern collection offers a foretaste of future eyewear textiles using an innovative combination of TR-90 surgical plastic and ultem to create an exceptionally lightweight, yet durable frame that offers superior flexibility without sacrificing strength. The essence of handcrafted detail is presented in a fresh new context, as each frame is hand coloured with an Ogi-exclusive colouring process, evoking a sense of unique distinction with an unprecedented aesthetic. Inventive nose pads compliment the innovative combination construction to present each style with unparalleled versatility, solidifying the Evo-Tec Collection’s position on the forefront of high fashion eyewear.

Key Styles:

Evo-Tec 4805
Evo-Tec 4805


Designed for clientele with a smaller facial structure, the 4805 offers distinctive style and flexibility without sacrificing strength. A sleek, swooping brow fuses with the quintessential rectangular façade to offer sophistication with an extra dash of feminine appeal. The 4805 utilises an exclusive colouring process to offer unique colour combinations including Pink Demi, Purple Demi, Aqua Demi and Tortoise to evoke a sense of unprecedented individuality.

Evo-Tec 4806
Evo-Tec 4806


A charismatic new addition to the Evo-Tec Collection, the 4806 offers a modern twist to the timeless rounded rectangle shape. Sleek styling and multidimensional color combinations fuse with intriguing details and a soft, matte finish for a graceful, yet superior persona with an unanticipated edge.


Evo-Tec 4807 All Colors
Evo-Tec 4807 All Colors


All Colors Timeless sophistication meets sleek styling in the latest debut from Ogi Eyewear’s Evo-Tec Collection, the 4807. Intriguing angles add dimension and allure to present a unique twist on the classic rectangular silhouette. A soft, matte finish compliments a variety of rich, two-toned color combinations to merge feminine elegance with the innovative distinction you’ve come to expect from any Evo-Tec style.


Evo-Tec 4808 101
Evo-Tec 4808


Innovative new materials unite with time-honoured style to present the 4808, the newest addition to the Men’s Evo-Tec Collection. A classic rectangular façade comes to life in a new light with multifaceted colour combinations and superior flexibility. The transcendent build, adjustable nose-pads, and lightweight durability will enable a tailored fit for a multitude of generations.


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