OKIA's Extraordinary 3D Decorated Frames At Mido 2014

Fondly remembering our experience at Mido 2014, we couldn’t help revisit OKIA’s extraordinary creations there 

lowres-3D HDA®Thanks to the progress of HDA® Technology, 3D decorations that we usually see on clothing and accessories are applied for the first time also on eye-wear. Fashion and sculpture meet, creating a surprising 3D effect that combines fantasy with design and innovation.

OKIA certainly did not go unnoticed at Mido 2014. The latest HDA® collection launched by the Hong Kong-based company was an explosion of three-dimensional decorations spreading along the frames’ fronts and temples that will live you breathless.

Each frame showed a series of multi-layered patterns inspired by the world of nature. Harmonious gradient colours completed the extremely realistic proposed decorations and give them a refined touch of femininity.

This exceptional collection was the result of the ongoing research on the already worldwide recognised HDA® Technology. This patented technology allows the transformation of textures and colours into crisp high definition which shows depth, offering a new world of outstanding patterns.

OKIA’S special technique has created the three dimensions profile which perfectly matches with BMT patterns. HDA® Technology has created 3D embellishments and tactile details that highlight the three dimensional effect, while BMT produced a strong metallic effect and allows ultra-sharp cutting for any pattern. The metallic lines gave a detailed and reflective pattern that stood out against the acetate for an unmatched luxury feeling.



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