Opium Eyewear 2013 Collection

Opium introduces a vibrant range of Colourful Optical Eyewear

Brought to you exclusively by Eternity Lifestyles

On-the-go guys everywhere need eyewear that’ll seamlessly transition from work to play. The latest sight wear range from OPIUM does that and more! Bold, colourful and fashionable, this range is available in a wide-range of colours, both striking and subdued. Boasting sleek, yet fun designs, these frames mesh perfectly with any look, whether it’s professional attire or a “night on the town” look.

This collection is specifically designed to appeal to those who are looking for bold, fashionable eyewear that make a striking statement. It makes for a great accessory because of the affordable price point – you can own multiple pairs and swap them out depending on your mood. So you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort because this ultra trendy range offers ease of wear whilst exuding a sophisticated vibe and bits of added funk!

         Opium Model OP- 1185 C7                        Opium Model OP- 1185 C6 

OP-1185-C7-FOR-BLOG        OP-1185-C6-FOR-BLOG    

          Opium Model OP-1185 C8                          Opium Model OP-1185 C17 OP-1185-C8-FOR-BLOG        OP-1185-C17-For-Blog

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