Porsche Design And Rodenstock Look Into The Future Of Eyewear With The Iconics Series

Two in One: Porsche Design Shows Sunglasses Design Study

Porsche Design and Rodenstock will present outstanding eyewear highlights in autumn 2013, which set new standards in form and function. The models show the future of sunglasses with an emotional and progressive design as well as innovative manufacturing. That way the luxury brand emphasises its completely personal standard of the iconic style once again.

The absolute highlight is the so-called hairband. As an exclusive and limited design study, it is not available for purchase. Rather, the model was developed as a design study in order to anticipate future developments and the other Iconics of Porsche Design Eyewear as a landmark project above and beyond the current eyewear collection today.

(photo credits: Stefan Dongus @ Eyewear Magazine)

“The hairband is a continuation of the mutual success story of Rodenstock and Porsche Design Eyewear,” says Oliver Kastalio, CEO Rodenstock Group.

“We are taking new paths in manufacturing with the Iconics series. Rodenstock has more than 135 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of lenses and frames. This know-how and a love of detail are the basis for implementing trendsetting products such as the Iconics series.”

“In the coming months, we will be presenting a total of three highlight products that embody our philosophy of engineered luxury in a pure form. They are captivating due to innovations in form and function,” says Jürgen Geßler, CEO Porsche Design Group. “This success concept creates products that have the potential to become classics, because they hit the spirit of the times instead of chasing trends.”

The sunglasses concept prevails with a high-quality look that goes beyond existing eyewear products and trends. Here, the purist and futuristic design, which is typical of Porsche Design, meets new approaches in production and material. The joint design drafts of the Porsche Design Studio in Zell am See (Austria) and Rodenstock designers were implemented in Rodenstock’s prototype construction in Munich.

Two in One: The Porsche Design Hairband

The hairband folded out as sunglasses (photo credits: Stefan Dongus @ Eyewear Magazine)
The hairband folded out as sunglasses (photo credits: Stefan Dongus @ Eyewear Magazine)

The hairband is based on a unique design and combines an elegant hairband with purist premium sunglasses. Worn as a hairband, the black, dynamically curved shield is quite striking and goes outstandingly well with the modern wearer. The shield covers the frame, which slips in perfectly behind the lens. The frame makes an impression due to its harmoniously curved shape and high-quality red-gold as a colour highlight. Hence, a modern, urban look full of dynamics and elegance comes into being.

Masterful Technical Innovation

The tour de force of the hairband is the folding mechanism, which transforms the hairband into sunglasses at the press of a button – and can be folded back with one hand movement. The mechanism can’t be seen by the observer. It is hidden in the form of a button behind the sides. The underlying technology was developed by Rodenstock in the company’s own prototype construction especially for this model and implemented in decorative handwork.

The so-called Iconics frames for women and men embody the Porsche Design concept of “engineered luxury” and will only be shown in a strictly limited edition. Only limited numbers will be available as a design study or exclusive small batch series. Rodenstock and Porsche Design will present more product highlights in the coming months as part of the Iconics series.



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