Prada Fall-Winter 2012-2013 Collections

Prada is synonymous with a style that has often anticipated and dictated future aesthetic trends, not only in fashion.

Innovative spirit, curiosity and strong artisan tradition are the tangible signs of the value that pervades the entire manufacturing process, from ideation to retail distribution.

Fall-Winter 2012-2013 Collections

SPR-04P-1AB-1X1Prada Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Women’s Eyewear collection expresses luxury and sensuality within a futuristic setting, where the evocation of geometric space is immediately evident.

The shapes are compact in size and inspired by early 20th century styles, evolving into cat’s eye lines embellished by colored stones.

Playing with combinations of materials, the collection presents acetate and metal merging into sophisticated structures, where the role of key elements is played by curved or straight upper bars. The resulting creations are invariably expressions of refined femininity.

In the color palette, tortoiseshell takes on a rosy shade and becomes marbled for an
unusual effect, completing the range of classic light, medium, dark, matte and polished

Prada Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Men’s Eyewear collection is inspired by the ideas of
power and vanity. Within a stage setting, the characters perform a parody of power with
exaggerated poses and conspiratorial glances.

The final result is a new expressive code; the images that it generates define the style of
the modern gentleman.

Round shapes dominate the Prada Men’s Eyewear collection. The metal or acetate
frames are designed in a sleek, consistently original style that expresses the strong
character of the models.

SPR-12P-MAL-1Z1For an additional innovative touch, the choice of colors like streaked caramel or horn streaked blue confirms the brand’s commitment to research aimed at achieving constant improvement in each and every aspect of quality.

Prada Portrait

Model SPR 04P

Ageless style for timeless femininity. This “Portrait” model is elegantly embellished with
stones along the top of the front. The colour palette recalls the warm tones of winter: Black paired with Smokey Quartz stones, Light Tortoise/Black with Topaz stones and Medium Tortoise/Black with Purple stones. Prada lettering logo.

Model SPR 06P

This ‘60s-inspired model features an oversized cat-eye silhouette. Plays of contrasting
surfaces accentuated by a curvy tortoise top bar and exquisitely-crafted, double-plate
acetate frame this stunning model from Prada’s “Portrait” collection. Available in warm
tones with Light Tortoise top bar on a Dark Tortoise base, Medium Tortoise on Black
and Medium Tortoise on Sable. Prada lettering logo on the temples.

Model VPR 17P

The wavy and contrasting brow line enhanced by the top bar along the front expresses
the design concept of the “Portrait” collection, with an optical version also offered.
Available in Black, Marbleized Pink, Light/Dark Tortoise, Medium Tortoise/Black and
Medium Tortoise/Sable. Prada lettering logo.

Model SPR 09P

Elegance and sophistication make these glasses a cult-classic for next season. The round
shape and metal details give this Prada men’s model a stylish flair. Available in classic
Black, Dark Tortoise and Light Tortoise, as well as in Striped Blue Horn and Striped
Caramel. Prada “arrow” logo.

Model SPR 69O

Proposed here is the commercial version of the must-have of the FW12-13 Prada men
runway show inspired by the ‘30s. Sophisticated Matte Steel is paired with acetate
temples in Camouflage Tortoise, Medium Tortoise and Tortoise. The model features
gradient lenses in Black and Anthracite or in the more eccentric Clover Green. Prada
lettering logo engraved on the temples.


Women’s Collection

Model SPR 12P

Rounded, sinuous forms and delicate hues. The femininity exuded by this cat-eye model is enhanced by a wide-ranging colour palette from classic Black, Dark Tortoise and Medium Tortoise to the softer, two-layer Tortoise-Orchid and Ivory-Blush versions. The Prada lettering logo features the designs used for the fashion house’s leather goods.

Model SPR 16P

The sleek lines of this hybrid squared and cat-eye model make it uniquely fashionable.
The play on volumes with low-relief surfaces is the signature look of this Prada women’s collection. Available in Black and Tortoise and the more whimsical  Tortoise+Cacao+Turquoise, as well as in warm, multi-layer versions of Ivory-Blush and
Tortoise-Orchid. Prada lettering logo.

Model SPR 08P

A bold and unique design sets this acetate pilot model apart. A highly-distinctive double bridge made of metal almost imperceptibly links the acetate portions of the frame. Available in classic Black and Tortoise and more edgy Medium Tortoise,Tortoise-Cacao-Turquoise and Marbleized Pink. Prada lettering logo.

Men’s Collection


Model SPR 13P

An exclusive design lies at the heart of this squared acetate model with bold contours and a metal double-bridge flush with the front. Available in Black, Tortoise, Camouflage Tortoise, Light Tortoise and a two-layer version in Black-Medium Tortoise. Prada logo engraved on the flat metal temples.

Model VPR 01P

A squared silhouette with rounded edges. The acetate front and flat metal temples strike
the right balance, lending this optical model greater lightness. Available in solid Black and Tortoise and in opalescent Cameo, Grey and Ink. Prada lettering logo engraved on the temples.

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