Presenting iVIATOR Sunglasses!

Under the 7TRADE portfolio, iVIATOR brand gives every wearer the choice to literally design their own shades

Nazan Eckes sporting her iVIATOR sunglasses

Fashionable and stylish, aviator models are a must-have of every wardrobe. The brand iVIATOR is bringing the stylish pair of these sunglasses that can be customised as per the wearer and thus making it really their own sunglasses on basis of how they look and how they fit their face type.

Described as the ‘do it yourself‘ brand, iVIATOR is one of the many innovative and fresh brands under the 7TRADE portfolio. With the availability of frames in varied colour options in all types of glasses, the combinations are numerous and the wearer can simply choose according to their face type and style choices. The brand’s website at serves as the perfect platform for consumers to express their creativity and add that touch of individuality to their pair of sunglasses.

While making fun blends with glasses is one thing, even prominent personalities are seen flaunting their set of iVIATOR sunglasses for a bright summers day. Some of these are Valerie Campbell, mother of supermodel Naomi Campbell; Paul Henry Duval, a sought after fashion stylist as well as the very beautiful Nazan Eckes, a popular German television personality wearing the classic aviator sunglasses by the iVIATOR brand.

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