Ray-Ban presents its new communication campaign: Ray-Ban Envision

Luxottica Group, owner of the Ray-Ban brand, presented the RAY-BAN ENVISION communication campaign. 

RAY-BAN ENVISION celebrates the Never Hide spirit: the boldness to be yourself and freely express your beliefs and personality. From its origin in 1937 to the present day, honouring the values of iconoclastic & coolness, quality & functionality that constitute Ray- Ban’s DNA.

RAY-BAN ENVISION honors the strength it takes to be true to yourself. Social, expressive, pioneering, innovative and transformative are the main characteristics of all those dreamers, who sees the world differently, who pursue their vision with a great and  enduring sense of purpose.

Photographed for the second time by photographer Mark Seliger and styled by Oscar nominee Colleen Atwood, the new communication campaign has been shot in different locations in California last November and frames six characters, who are out in the real world pursuing their dreams, where actions are stronger than words, driven by an enduring passion and sense of purpose. “It was great to collaborate with Erik Vervroegen on Ray-Ban again. It was a gift of brilliant ideas and bulls, rockers and earthquakes – all the stuff that makes epic advertising. And of course the legacy of Ray-Ban.” says Mark Seliger.

“It was amazing to do such a reality based shoot with the creative team from Paris, shot by the singular Mark Seliger, starring Ray-Ban. The experience was like a mini film!” said stylist Colleen Atwood. A lens is like an engine for sunglasses. Since the Ray-Ban’s inception, superior lens quality has always been at the heart of the brand. This quality story is featured, for the first time, in the Ray-Ban Envision campaign, which celebrates the multiple facets of Ray-Ban’s legendary lenses: highly resistant, anti-glare; outshine; long lasting; impact resistant and built to move.

Lenses are also the hero of the RAY- BAN ENVISION SERIES consumer activation. Users are invited to visit ray-ban.com and to send a creative vision, something they’ve always dreamed about doing, but which needed help in being brought to life. Users can gain inspiration through a series of documentaries, featured on the website, of modern international figures who’s visions are shaping the world we live in. Ray-Ban will choose the coolest and most extraordinary ideas and bring them to life.



Shot in San Pedro (Los Angeles), the bike messenger wears style RB3025 002/58 and was suspended in air over professional bikers during the photo shoot. Ray-Ban Polarized lenses are high clarity optical crystal ones, characterized by a “360° antiglare protection” with polarized filter and anti-reflective coating. Polarization blocks the blinding glare that bounces off horizontal surfaces. They ensure greater visual comfort, reduce eye  strain less squinting and eyes are more rested. They also enhance contrast and visual clarity, reduce reflections, improve visual acuity and realistic perception. All Polarized Ray-Ban lenses (have a distinctive “P” onto the lens to distinguish them from the rest of the non-polarized offer) are treated also with Anti-Reflection coating on the backside of the lenses.



Shot at the El Rey Theatre (Los Angeles), real musicians from different rock bands were used as talent. The streaker wears a pair of Ray-Ban Aviator style RB3025 112/69 with mirror lenses, which help to further reduce light transmission for even more visual comfort. To achieve this unique mirror look Ray-Ban uses an advanced technology which creates a permanent bonding of metal oxides on the surface of the lens and optically uniform layer.






The son of one of the most famous bull riders, the protagonist is a multi awarded bullfighter and was shot in with a real bull at the Rancho Temescal. Lenses are a very delicate part of the glasses. If not properly treated they can get easily broken or damaged. The lenses mounted on Ray-Ban style RB4180 have been made of a material to resist breakage, and have been treated with hard-coting to resist abrasion and scratches than other lenses (from similar material).





Shot at The Golden Gopher in downtown Los Angeles downtown, you can spot a former 80’s Belgian pop star amongst the rockers. Ray-Ban styles RB 3016 W0365, RB 8301 019/N8 and RB8307 002/N5 offer a long lasting lenses, chemically hardened to resist breakage, abrasion and scratches even beyond the industry standards. Thanks to this specific treatment process, Ray-Ban enables to extend and prolong the lifecycle of its sunglasses.






Shot at the Universal Studios (Los Angeles), the busy mom is the mother of two kids, making shooting fun and easy and wears Ray-Ban optical style RX5154 2012. Ray-Ban optical frames are the perfect combination of technology and style. High quality frames construction for perfect fit and comfort, with unmistakable Ray-Ban design to fit every need.






Shot on the Universal Backlot, the image features a natural disaster. For those who love risks, for those who have a busy, demanding and challenging life, for those who cannot stop and need resistant frames. It’s for all these people that Ray-Ban has constructed frames from advanced materials – like the New LiteForce collection model: RX7018 – to resist damage and to allow intrepid and heroic everyday adventures.



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