Rise Your Style With Fendi Hypnoshine Sunglasses

Fendi presents the ready-to-wear Fall/Winter collection as an expression of creativity and feminity

Fendi Hypnoshine Sunglasses
Fendi Hypnoshine Sunglasses

Time to celebrate the gravitational waves that inspired the latest Fendi eyewear Fall/Winter collection. Fendi Hypnoshine collection is a perfect balance between liveliness, austerity and contemporary romanticism. The shape of the sunglasses is fluid yet graphic which enhances the sophisticated sensuality of the ultra-flat frame.

Fendi Hypnoshine
Fendi Hypnoshine

The Hypnoshine sunglasses celebrate the Fendi’s highest savoir-faire featuring a rétro-futuristic design. The floating geometry is emphasized by the graphic wavy stripes accurately tampo-printed on the sides of the metal bar and rounded lenses. The Collection embodies the outstanding result of innovative technology and skillful craftsmanship in giving fluidity and lightness to the sunglasses.

fendi-ff-0215s-hypnoshine-0m1The color palette consists the tones, burgundy metal with burgundy/amber lenses and amber/burgundy stripes; black metal with blue/turquoise lenses and black/turquoise stripes; dark blue metal with grey/dark blue lenses and red/dark blue stripes; green metal with green shaded lenses and cerulean blue/green stripes.


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