Rye & Lye's New Collection : Future Retro

Refined and sophisticated, the collection combines high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship



The new frames follow the underlying motif of the collection : future retro eye-wear. The collection blends the charm and flavor of retro styling with the most advanced technologies. Wood, leather and ‘regenerated’ stone star in this collection, which also includes a limited collection of only 600 pieces – two sophisticated women’s eye-wear styles adorned with a special Swarovski crystal pave’ fabric.

Stainless steel and solid wood – used on the front or top rim – are stand-out features of the Leonardo and Tiziano models. Unisex, these two spectacle frames are enhanced with an aesthetically appealing, cutting-edge flex hinge. Wood is also part of Mantegna’s charm, where rare, exotic wood is incorporated into the curved design of the side pieces to showcase the natural veining of the various types of wood.


Caravaggio and Michelangelo reveal a sophisticated ‘stone’ effect, in milled plastic, giving it a masculine appeal. Perforated stainless steel with leather inserts along the side pieces distinguish Giotto, crafted for the feminine wearer. All eye-wear styles are available in 3 different color combinations.

Rounding out the collection are Raffaello and Botticelli, the two frames produced in limited edition. Extremely feminine, with a vaguely butterfly shape, these two frames are enhanced with a special Swarovski crystal pave’ fabric applied on the top rim and side pieces, lending refined luminosity to the eyes.

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