Sama Brings Variety To Eyes!

Sama Eyewear recently introduced four new eyewear models, featuring trendy spectacles and sunglasses

Sama Eyewear for the Fall 2015 has introduced a set of sunglasses and spectacle models, some inspired by its previous collections and some just to stand-out in the crowd! The eyewear looks edgy yet has an unique personality of its own. The eyewear models in this collection includes:

Model 1991

Model 1991
Model 1991 is an optical frame that features hand crafted Japanese acetate along with pure titanium end piece and temple. The frame also has 600 ton special ‘de-bossed’ and ’em-bossed’ dual dimension temple.

District 6

District 6
This model is a continuation from Sama’s Tech Plastic series. The model has special flat sheet Beta-titanium wire core on hand crafted Japanese acetate. Along with, it is 30 percent lighter than conventional plastic frames and has increased comfort fit.

Another continuation from Sama’s Lace collection, this sunglass model features hand crafted Japanese acetate with pure titanium ‘Lace inset’. Lace titanium temple inserts is cut by computer minded laser with 600 ton pressing and ion platings. And intricate temple construction required over 130 hand applications to complete one pair of temples.

Model 1999

Model 1999
State of the art one-piece, model 1999 has ‘Block’ pure titanium from the exclusive Sama CNC milled eye wire screw. The sunglass also features two tone spray and ion 100 percent hypo-allergenic plating’s and 600 ton special ‘de-bossed’ and ’em-bossed’ dual dimension temple.

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