Sensual Lips, Very Sexy Legs.. and mind you, we are talking 'Eyewear'!

The Bocca collection stems from the desire to create a frame that would be inspired by a work of art.


Pascal Jaulent, Art Director of FACE à FACE, wished to work from a contemporary sculpture and fell in love with the mythical Dalí “Mae West” sofa.

From mouth to look, it is all about women… And to underline the sensual lips that became a frame front, he sculpted the temples into very sexy legs, adorned with glamorous high heels.

The first Bocca eyewear, a true piece of art, was acclaimed all around the world. This success encouraged Pascal Jaulent to develop this amazing concept of “eyewear with irresistible legs’’ into a festival of frames with stunning temples/legs, and the capsule collection BOCCA by FACE à FACE was born.
bocca-3From one model to another, an ultra-feminine shoe and a very high heeled stiletto underline the bold, sometimes extreme eyewear styles. Others adorn the black varnish “Richelieu” shoe, paying tribute to the famous Yves Saint Laurent smoking suit.

The 8 BOCCA styles now available play the card of hyper seduction and boldness, each in its own way, and create a range of artistic, impertinent, must-have women’s eyewear.



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