Seraphin Adds 'Covington' To Its Collection

Feminine and a pearlescent frame, ‘Covington’ is the newest outcome of the powerhouse Seraphin in a universally flattering shape

Covington/8978 Green Pearl

Seraphin debuts a stunning new addition to the collection with the Covington. Known worldwide to reinterpret a romantic hero of neoclassic luxury in its truest form, the newest addition also plays well in tune with a striking beauty which is feminine and set in a pearlescent frame of universally flattering shape. Representing pure elegance, poised pearly hues grant a marbled appearance to the frame and radiating delicacy to any demeanor.

Covington/8980 Red Pearl

Some of the colour options seen in the Covington model are Covington/8978 Green Pearl that is translated in bridgewood olive with lake view leaf temples, Covington/8979 Black Pearl with carbon gem in knight smoke temples, Covington/8980 Red Pearl that comes in exotic orchard with radiating orchard jewel temples and Covington/8981 Purple Pearl in vixen mosaic with enchanting majesty pearl temples.

Covington/8979 Black Pearl

Taking a classic rectangular shape to the next level with a distinguished swooping brow, this incandescent beauty exudes modern delicacy. And the availability of this model in four jewel-toned colours, the Covington gives off beautiful sophistication that transcends time.

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