Seraphin Presents The Flawless and Fabulous Bailey Sun

Seraphin enriches its world-renowned collection of neoclassical eyewear with the Bailey Sun

BaileySun_8981Seraphin’s latest releases is the sophisticated sunglass called the Bailey Sun. This sunglass exhibits all of the hallmarks of the brand’s most memorable pieces, including the iconic fleur-de-lis emblem while embodying Seraphin’s cherished philosophy of modernising vintage designs. The Seraphin line by Ogi Eyewear does not only aim to bring back to life eyewear from the past but also the eyewear’s modernistic edge to add more style to your look. With the Bailey Sun, Seraphin synthesises the tradition anew.

BAILEY-SUN_8981_PRINTFlawless and fabulous, the Bailey Sun is a butterfly sunglass with a bounty of style points. Its dolled up design includes curved feminine profile, diamond-shaped raised accents and the signature silver hinge accents showcases a first-rate sunglass suited for a superstar. Available in three pearlescent colour options, the Bailey Sun possesses the power to transform just about any outfit. What’s more, polarized lenses, featuring an anti-reflective backside coating, provide dawn-to-dusk fashion and reliable protection from the sun.

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