Seraphin Eye-wear Launches Yvonne

An alluring model that will be loved at first sight

Yvonne-by-Seraphin-resizedSeraphin presents Yvonne, an alluring model that one can fall in love with immediately. This classic frame has a modern appeal given by layered Italian acetate in three different colours. Neutral tortoiseshell – with hints of black – comes with fresh, vibrant hues to create an original play of colour for a distinctive look. Yvonne is the perfect choice for women who want a classic, versatile frame with a pinch of personality. Yvonne: a splendid combination of refinement and classic elegance.

Yvonne’s touches of vibrant colour gives a classic model a modern look. This new frame by Seraphin Eye-wear is unique in its kind, thanks to triple laminated acetate and an attractive shape. Yvonne features polished layers of colour that blend with a seamless design – the ideal eyewear for all connoisseurs of style and elegance.

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