Setting the pace for athletic performance : Maui Jim's New Hot Sands Sunglasses

Kingston_MJM2583Lahaina, HI, February 28, 2013 – Maui Jim has hit the ground running with a new sunglass style that sets the pace for the company’s next level of eyewear for athletic performance. The new aerodynamic design of Hot Sands embeds the company’s patented PolarizedPlus2® lens technology into a sleek, flexible model that is ideal for a wide range of fast-paced, active sports demanding eyewear with superior fit, durability and anti-slip features.

With Hot Sands, Maui Jim adds a new element to its line of athletic eyewear,” said Richard Walker, Maui Jim’s Director of Product Development. “We’ve dialed up the aggressive styling with a strong brow detail and thicker temples to add durability. This style can withstand the most rugged sports, but is packed with our advanced lens technology that offers superior clarity and color enhancement. With this style, Maui Jim’s portfolio of sunglasses can now outfit your eyes from the office to the playing field, and everything in between.”

Hot-Sands-HT426-11MArriving in stores in February, Hot Sands (Style #426) offers lightweight coverage in a sporty, form-fitting, Grilamid frame that is highly durable and is able to flex with an athlete’s movements. The non-slip Rubberon temple inserts provide extra grip for a more secure feel, and adjustable nose pads prevent slippage duringeven the most intense activities. These sunglasses come in Gloss Black, Blue, Rootbeer and Translucent Matte Grey. Hot Sands has an eye size of 71 mm, bridge size of 16 mm, temple length of 116 mm, and an 8-base curvature for full wrap coverage that fits snugly around the face.

Kingston_MJM5005According to the press release, with the launch of Hot Sands, athletes discover the eyewear industry’s most technologically advanced polycarbonate lenses packed into this high-performance sunglass style. Unique to all Maui Jim sunglasses is PolarizedPlus2® lens technology that protects eyes on both sides of each lens. This technology reduces 99.9 percent of harmful glare from any flat, smooth, or shiny surface, improving vision andgiving crisp detail to any view, making it possible to clearly see objects in motion or even below the surface of a body of water. Additionally, Maui Jim sunglasses cut 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays. Proprietary bi-gradient mirror technology adds protection from light through the top and bottom of each lens – basically, Maui Jim sunglasses squint for you to reduce eye fatigue.

Lens color is not a style feature. It is a functional feature.

Hot-Sands-H426-26According to the company press release, Maui Jim is the only company whose lenses have up to nine layers of advanced protection including color-enhancing components that heighten definition and produce noticeably truer, more vivid colors. Hot Sands comes in three distortion-free lens colors to maximize performance in various light conditions. Neutral Grey lenses offer the maximum level of light reduction without color distortion for bright, sunny days. HCL® Bronze lenses have a versatile, warm brown tint suitable for any activity and designed to improve vision in variable light conditions. Maui HT™ is a high-performance, palm green color that lets the right amount of useful light into the eye to improve definition and depth perception without losing polarization efficiency. The lenses have waterproof, oleophobic and scratch-resistant coatings to shed water, repel smudges and reduce scratches. Hot Sands is not available in prescription.

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