SFX Eyewear’s New Collection Out

SFX Eyewear’s New Collection is all about expressing true colours..here is a look

SFX Eyewear’s newest collection is a testament to this very sentiment. For a few, fashion is

merely a term which entails to dressing up. However, this is where we beg to differ. For them, fashion is

as much about ‘Expression’ as it is about ‘Impression’! Thus, the new range of frames has been

designed with the intention to help ‘Bring Out’ the real, distinct you!


So, this season, why suppress when you can simply express! Here’s acquainting you with the new frames designed to identify with your personality!

The Hipster – Progressive frames for the ‘Free Spirit’

The Artist – Exquisite frames for he who’s out to live a ‘Masterpiece’

The Dreamer – Idealist frames for the ‘Romantic’

So, which style will you be bringing out this season? #BringItOut with SFX Eyewear.

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