Silhouette's Hinge C2 – Powerful Elegance

The new men’s eyewear features a maintenance-free and screwless high-precision hinge

Hinge C2
Hinge C2

The new Silhouette collection, Hinge C2, lends its wearer the perfect amount of powerful elegance. Those who set their sights on the rimless glasses that combine high-tech with high-touch know what they want: a sublime understatement and the most stunning eyewear available for men. Unique design highlights, unprecedented precision and the characteristic Silhouette love for detail exemplify the Hinge C2.

From the maintenance-free and screwless high-precision hinge, to the eye-catching lines – the sophisticated yet functional details have been integrated into the design without compromise. The combination of materials comprising the 23 carat gold-coated Titan merge flawlessly into each other with a hand-polished high-gloss finish; and the synthetic SPX+® material developed by Silhouette in matte Softtouch haptic characterises the breathtaking look of the Hinge C2.

Perceptible know-how and expertise separate the Hinge C2 from all other male eyewear. Just as its predecessor the Hinge C1 demonstrated, design and functionality can be successfully fused in perfect balance.

The model is available in four colours

Hinge C2 Facts:

  • Rimless, elegant male eyewear
  • 4 models in 4 colours
    (Grey/Black, Gold/Chocolate, Black and Grey/Tobacco)
  • Highest quality materials such as 23 carat gold-coated Titan
  • Integrated, maintenance-free cylinder hinge
  • Adjustable to the wearer
  • Weight: 4.62 grams

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