Sneakers inspiration for the new HDA® Collection by OKIA

Loads of creativity, boldness, passion and energy. These are the ingredients of the new irresistible “Sneakers” collection launched by OKIA: a young, sparkling collection for strong personalities who love to experience strong emotions.

OZHD1150-CryiDHL0024181T-02-2Inspiration can come from anywhere, and this time OKIA’s designers have chosen to explore the world of sneakers.

Bright prints, exotic textures, webbed elements, geometric shapes or minimalist drawings: the new HDA® collection features the most electrifying patterns seen on fashionable sneakers. Different motifs are mixed to give the frames an even more energetic look.

OZHD1153-Sh-Blk-3The colour combinations are dazzling. Neon colours brighten up the most eye-catching designs making it seem as if they were glowing in the dark. Double layers of acetate are featured in some frames to create a dynamic 3d effect.

Realized by means of the patented HDA® Technology, the ‘Sneakers’ collection shows once again how, thanks to this extraordinary technology, OKIA can give expression to any inspirational idea or concept.


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