Spider-Man Eyewear, The Colourful Hero

A personal favourite of all kids, the Spider-Man eyewear collection brings out yet another creatively-fun eyewear inspired by the superhero himself in vibrant colour options to choose from


The superhero eyewear is punchy as the creators describe it and colourful in taste, along with the super-hero print on the temples that have been trimmed with metal spider-web motifs. The choice of models include clear fronts for an effect of lightness and transparency.

Targetted towards young boys aged 3 to 6 years, the frame itself is fitted with OBE Uno 3 mm flexible hinge to give its a polished pack cover to the entire eyewear. The colours available in this model are C01 Black, C14 Red and C93 Grey. The brand Spider-man eyewear is known to always come up with technically advanced eye shapes that are further teamed with dynamic temple design so as to cater to that special preference of tiny tots into optic variations. The model DSAA020C93 similarly features the right amount of superpower magic to stir the super-hero that sleeps in every little boy.

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