Stepper: Elegant And Attractive!

Elegantly attractive and well-fitting frames from Stepper for the season are sure stealing the show! 

From the current STEPPER collection, there isn’t a better example of this than the SI-30116.

The SI-30116 seems to have two personalities, appealing to two, distinct customer groups. As a modern interpretation of earlier, more classic STEPPER designs it appeals to older wearers. However, with a larger, fine frame rim and contemporary colouration, it has a youthful, high fashion appeal too.


The sprung Titanium sides provide the perfect foil to the front which features subtle patterning and contrasting metallic finish to the inside.


‘‘Since the early 2000’s STEPPER has been combining the innovative TX5 material with Titanium, the best material for the purpose is selected to give the wearer maximum benefit. With the SI-30116 this allows us to deliver the comfort of a moulded TX5 bridge to the front with the lightness, elegance, and durability of Titanium metal to the sides. Whether worn for its fashion or classic characteristics, every wearer will benefit from the exceptional comfort and the hypoallergenic qualities of the materials,’ concluded Sagar Doshi. 


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