STEPPER Eyewear Brings Slim Plastics In Optics

Colourful and slim plastics, the new optical range by STEPPER is sure to zest up the everyday look of the spectacle wearers

SI 30048 F320

STEPPER has recently launched the brand’s new collection of colourful plastic frames with TX5 fronts featuring a super thin profile. Plastic frames which is said to be almost as slim as metal nowadays, the profile minimal at its thinnest point gives a very contemporary look with large rims but without the need for a chunky profile. This is the result of recent developments in the TX5 material and significant technical advances within STEPPER’s own manufacturing.

The fronts and end tips are made from TX5 with the sides in a complementary coloured Beta-Titanium. The combination of a thin profile and light materials give the frame an effortlessly lightweight structure of just 6.5g. The TX5 front allows for STEPPER’s comfortable 3D bridge design and the Beta-Titanium gives flexibility and strength.

Mutual Ideas Stepper Titanium Range 121114
SI 30048 F390


Continuing STEPPER’s recent successful move into more colourful collections, the SI 30048 comes in a blaze of red demy, brown demy and light brown, and black colours. Innovations like those seen in the SI 30048 combined with exciting colour options is bringing STEPPER to a whole new glasses wearing generation.


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