An Approach To Classic Men Styling: Stepper!

Stepper Eyewear’s SI-60137 has been developed as a strong performer in the Stepper Men’s frame collection. Finding fans amongst discerning yet conservative men, the frame has proved popular since its introduction

Subtle, understated styling belies an advanced construction combining a Titanium front with Titanium sides, bonded together using sophisticated laser welding techniques. The frame’s larger styling benefits from the use of these lightweight metals too as it weighs only 12.4g.

The simple frame design continues its modest approach with an outward finish in a monotone matt metallic effect in a choice of handsome colour options.

Frame embellishment is limited to a single vertical groove about halfway down the side which aligns with a subtle ‘Stepper’ ident, both stamped into the tough Titanium metal.

‘This frame embodies Stepper’s approach to classic men’s styling. It simply looks right from the moment you first see it. Pick it up and the lightness of the Titanium plus the tactile quality of the finish means it feels right before you put it on. Wear it and it looks great on most faces”, commented Sagar Doshi from Stepper.


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