Style Shades – One Pair Of Spectacles, Many Looks

An innovation from Silhouette, Style Shades come in five different lens shapes, each weighing just 5.10 gm

Style Shades
Style Shades need no frames, so vision is unrestricted

Today casual, tomorrow elegant – we change our style as we like. Change is fun. It lets us experiment with our looks and stand out.

Our accessories reflect our attitude to life – changeable, yet always true to ourselves. The change is deliberate. We can create suspense with reflective lenses, make ourselves trendy with an aviator shape.

Recognising this need for change, rimless Silhouette eyewear takes on a new form – Style Shades. Clip the Style Shades on the nose bridge of the ophthalmic frame, and voilà! The possibilities are many, the results convincing. With Style Shades’ various lenses and lens sizes, the eyewear can be changed regardless of its original shape. Yet it remains what it always was: lightweight, comfortable eyewear that offers great protection for the eyes.

Sunsationally changeable

Good eye protection is a must. Whether shopping or sight-seeing, driving or going for a walk in the woods, the change from ophthalmic frames to ophthalmic frames with sun protection is quick and easy with Style Shades. Simply attach Style Shades to the nose bridge of your rimless Silhouette eyewear and your view of the world changes!

The five different lens shapes in two sizes provide variations on a theme – one especially for women, two for men and two unisex. All lenses are larger than the lenses of the prescription eyewear. The aviator form has a double bridge, making it particularly trendy, something the silver reflective lenses and bridges in matte, metallic silver emphasise even more. Talking about his latest creation, Silhouette designer Gerhard Fuchs said, “Style Shades make a cool style statement – perfect for those wearers of rimless Silhouette eyewear who wish to give their classic shades a new, trendy touch.”

Totally functional

The five Style Shades in two sizes fit all prescription rimless Silhouette eyewear, whether for distance vision, near vision, or progressive, whatever the diopter value. Two nose bridge variations provide the perfect sit and fit. With 5.10 gm, it hardly weighs a thing. Silhouette Titan Minimal Art cult eyewear weighs less than half an ounce with lenses. With Style Shades, that brings it to 15.10 gm. The perfect view – light and easy.

Style Shades need no frames, so vision is unrestricted. Top-quality plastic lenses allow for prescription vision. They provide optimal image and resolution quality with no distortion, stronger contrast and truer colours. High-tech materials, clean coating and ‘handmade in Austria’ ensure the best workmanship.

Style Shades provide 100 per cent protection from UVA, UVB and UVC rays, blocking up to 87 per cent of dangerous blue light. Thanks to polarising filters, reflections and sunlight glare on smooth surfaces such as water or asphalt are eliminated. The outsize shape of Style Shades protects the eyes from the sun’s rays hitting them from the side, equipping users for (practically) any outdoor occasion.

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