Tailor Made Glasses

low-res-okia-logoOkia Presents State Of The Art Technology For High Definition Customized Eyewear.



“Tailor made glasses” is the name of the extraordinary eyewear project recently launched by Okia and officially presented during last Silmo.

Thanks to the evolution of the patented HDA® Technology, this brand-new project brings you to another level of wearing eyewear: for the first time, optical frames and sunglasses can be customized with any kind of photo chosen by the customer. A true revolution in high definition eyewear, as anyone can now have his own favourite picture on his glasses being sure that no one else will wear the same.

low-res-tailor-made-glasses-1Yourself, your lover, your family, your pet or also a beautiful landscape: thanks to this incredible project, you will be able to choose the best moments of your life and carry them with you on your eye. Moreover, these special glasses’ temples can be decorated with your own name or any other word, both inside and outside.

The new Okia project has been first inspired by the fashion industry. “Nowadays, people pay attention to the styling of their clothing, but they also consider whether the glasses they put on match with the clothes they are wearing. Eyewear is a key fashion accessory.” – says Jacky Lam, General Manager at Okia. “At the beginning, we only offered a selection of popular and trendy patterns. Now, we want everyone to be their own designer with our HDA® Technology!”.

Imagination and creativity with no limit: choose your best-beloved photo and make it unforgettable with Okia!


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