'The Block City' Collection By Okia

Okia’s new collection, inspired by the beauty of contrasts is all about wearing the unordinary and unconventional 

The Block City Collection, by Okia
The Block City Collection, by Okia

The Hong-Kong based eyewear company launches its new collection, “The Block City” as a customised form of accessory suitable for both men and women and for any age. The collection adds a touch of boldness to your style and is a perfect fit for the people who fancy attention. Each eyewear of this collection is an escalation of dynamism and self-confidence.

The bold collection is a unique high-tech masterpiece. Due to the application of the patented HDA® Technology, portions of the front rim and the temples are laminated with 3D blocks- extraordinary blends of high definition colours and sparkling solid materials, in order to create a bold contrast with the acetate base.

The Block City Collection
The Block City Collection

Each eyewear in the collection carries different patterns that are mixed in each 3D block to produce an impressive visual effect. Additionally, the 3D blocks are positioned in different parts of the frames to match any kind of eye-shape. The similar design can be featured in regular-shaped as well as in polygon-shaped ones.

The collection is facilitated by the HDA® Technology that allows patterns and locations of the 3D blocks to be customised according to  each customer’s demand providing flexibility, originality and authenticity, creating tailor-made frames that can never go unnoticed.


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