The Lincoln By Seraphin Eyewear

Demonstrating a noteworthy tribute to masculine boldness, Seraphin Eyewear introduces the Lincoln

With its daring take on traditional men’s styled frames, a solid representation of bravery emulates throughout the Lincoln.

Lincoln 8910
Lincoln 8910

Designed with a larger prominent face in mind, the Lincoln embodies modern masculinity with declared confidence. This notable appearance is carefully revealed in handcrafted Italian acetate in four traditional pattern options of Midnight Fade/Midnight, Blue Demi, Olive Demi, and Honey Tortoise. This distinguished frame gets a modern twist with its three-dimensional silver diamond-shaped rivets, giving depth and visual intrigue to the peaks of the Lincoln.

With dynamic neutrals in four traditional colour schemes, this broad conventional square shape of Italian acetate strategically embraces any larger face. Accented with chrome embellishments, the Lincoln exemplifies the intellectual aura behind the frame.

Lincoln 8908
Lincoln 8908

“I designed the Lincoln based off a previous Seraphin best seller, The Washington. Due to the recent progression in popularity of larger frames, I strategically enlarged this once conventional square shape into a more pronounced style. The Lincoln distinguishes itself from the rest with its assured masculine feel united with a hint of vintage décor,”says David Spencer, Seraphin Eyewear Founder & Designer

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