The New Evolved Collection From ROLF Spectacles

The collection features ultra-light, delicate glasses in 17 new designs

Foursome 102

The new ‘evolved collection’ from ROLF Spectacles encapsulates the company’s experience and know-how of the last 5 years with the accustomed design quality and elaborate finishing that it is known for. The collection reflects continuous development, motion and growth. The result is ultra-light, delicate glasses with clear lines and a design which highlights the precise final sanding and different wood types. The collection boasts 17 new designs in five wood, four special and four stone types.

The ‘Foursome 102’ out of the ‘evolved collection | special’ is a fine example for the new collection. The noble and sleek frame reminds of the English classic car from the late 1950s. The smoked eucalyptus frame sheds radiance with its shiny surface and wavy texture.

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