Vision Rx Lab Launches Serengeti Eyewear 2017 Collection

The collection was launched at the very first VRX Connect, a special meet conceptualised by Vision Rx Lab for showcasing its products and licensee brands to its patrons across the country, starting with Serengeti launch event

When: 9th February, 2017

Where: Gurgaon, India

Showcasing the elegant frames for the frequent business traveller

Serengeti Eyewear, that combines style and technology to give you the very best of both the worlds, comes to India with its 2017 collection of sunglasses under the aegis of Vision Rx Lab, one of the leading ophthalmic lens manufacturers in Asia. 

The event commenced with a welcome address by Mr Lalit Kumar Gupta, Chief Business Officer, Vision Rx Lab and the 2017 Consumer Campaign was unveiled by Ms Vanessa Rebello, Global Product Manager, Serengeti Eyewear.

Mr. Lalit Kumar Gupta, CBO-Vision Rx, welcomes the guest to VRX Connect

Serengeti, is predominantly a technology driven eyewear brand, available both in Plano and powered lenses, offering the best in business photochromic, polarised lenses combined with its patented Spectral Control technology. The Spectral Control filter lens process was developed to enhance contrast while simultaneously reducing atmospheric glare by filtering out distracting blue wavelengths that reduce image sharpness. The Photochromic Technology is infused in every single lens at the molecular level so that your lenses can adapt to any light condition in any setting.  

Model can be seen wearing Carrara from the Metal Collection

Speaking at the launch event, Mr. Lalit Kumar Gupta outlined the long association of Vision Rx Lab with Serengeti and the reason for bringing the brand in India, “Our association with Serengeti started through our export connection. As Vision Rx Lab has a big operation and capacity to produce Rx lenses needed for Serengeti sunglasses, they chose to partner with us for exclusive supply of Rx lenses for its global market. But as time passed, we thought of introducing a good brand like Serengeti in the Indian market not because of its style and fashion element, but for its unparalleled lens technology and performance, which effectively fulfils the need of both vision correction and high level of protection while outdoors. It makes a good second pair for people on the go.”

Serengeti already has a long standing tradition of technological excellence aimed at perfect vision while you are outdoors. However, while introducing the new collection they also decided to emphasise and highlight the style quotient oftheir eyewear by means of an enthralling fashion show.

Ms Vanessa Rebello, Global Product Manager for Serengeti, France unveiled the Consumer Campaign

The fashion show was organised so as to give all the patrons of Vision Rx Lab a clear perspective of the design and utility of the sunglasses. Thus, Travel and Sports were the central themes of the fashion show.

Models like Sassari, Carrara and Elba are the perfect sunglasses for the frequent business traveller who does not want to compromise on either style or vision clarity. The models boast of a fashionable and unique design, with lenses that ensure that you are seeing as much beauty as you are wearing.

Ms Somwrita Sen, Product Manager gives dealers an overview of the collection

Staying true to craftsmanship, Serengeti has given unparalleled attention to detail while creating these frames. The chic pairs fit perfectly on the wearers face, giving it a customised feel. The designs of the feminine models like Lia and Valentina combine beautiful curves and galvanised metal to give each pair a bejewelled finish and make it the one accessory every uber stylish traveller would like to wear.The classic designs of Alghero and Volare are the perfect amalgamation of durability and sophistication.

The Sport segment of the show featured designs from the exclusive Sports nylon series. The sporty and elegant models Linosa, Maestrale, Nuvino and Levanzo are lightweight, enabling the wearer to enjoy their activities unhindered. The sleek design and polarized Trivex lenses ensure both comfort and durability.

Featured eyewear design: Linosa

These were just some of the designs that were featured in the show, the dealers got exclusive access to the complete collection after the event. All samples were fitted with Rx lenses as Serengeti aims to cater as much to the prescription lens consumer as the ones who wold wear a Plano sunglass.

Later that day, all dealers were invited to visit the state of the art Vision Rx Lab, Gurgaon where the Serengetiprescription lenses are manufactured for export as well as the Indian market.

A cocktail dinner to unwind and relax was organised as a conclusion to the memorable event, which ensured that everyone had a quality time to discuss and share business ideas so as to make Serengeti Eyewear a success in the Indian prescription eyewear market.

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