Vuarnet Eyewear: The Return Of Cult Model 002 – VL0002

The famous glasses brand Vuarnet, established in 1957 is re-releasing the models that have shaped its history.

lowres-VL0002-0005-7184-3_4The 002 was the first Vaurnet model created in 1957 by Roger Pouillox.

A best-seller since its creation by Vaurnet, the 002 is the cult model worn by Jean Vaurnet at the 1960 Squaw Valley Olympics. Its form with slightly adjustable temples give it a retro look and its mirror- effect Skilynx lenses make it an iconic model. The 002 is timeless and remains modern.

Vaurnet is re-releasing the original 002. The same original nylon, the same branding and above all same original Skilynx lenses. The Skilynx lens, created by Joseph Hatchiguian in 1957, and worn by Jean Vaurnet is exclusive to the brand. This unparalleled lens eradicates glare but also reverberation. Its exclusive technology accentuates contrasts and increases the depth of the field. These benefits mean that it is still an optical reference.

The glasses are made by hand, the frame is worked by hand to smooth the edge of the lug in the upper part of the frame. Each model is packaged in its original sleeve which carries the same Skilynx Acier, a reference to the era of the original bi- colour Skilynx lens.

A bridge between generations, the 002 model is an iconic model combining style and technology. The 002 is once again available in its three original colours- black, white and brown- and as well as in new colour dark blue – created especially for the occasion.

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