With Theo, Like A Diva

These glasses are named after divas. Marilyn (Monroe), Grace (Kelly), Brigitte (Bardot) and Judy (Garland) must be the most famous divas of all times. The same ‘grandeur’ has been put in this collection.

lowres-JUDY-brut_mHRForm & Function

Patrick Hoet came up with four models, very much ‘in your face’. One frame seems to be caught in another one. The emphasis is always on the inside frame. Divas like to hide behind their sunglasses. You might say they use it as a mask, a shield. Our divas work in the same way. The wearer’s eyes are not visible from the sides. But make no mistake: with a Marilyn, Grace, Brigitte or Judy on your nose you may try to run, but you cannot hide!


  1. Marilyn (Monroe – °USA) born Norma Jean Mortenson 1926-1962
  2. Grace (Kelly – °USA) 1929-1982
  3. Brigitte (Bardot – °France) 1934
  4. Judy (Garland – °USA) born Frances Ethel Gumm 1922-1969

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