WooDone Goes Bling!

As if being carved from a single panel of wood composed of eight layers of recycled chipboard wasn’t enough to make the brand get noticed, WooDone has now introduced bling to its products

WooDone’s Kaley in Bling

The new collection includes both squared and well-defined shapes that are both softer and more feminine in design. The models are offered in the natural colours of Alto Adige wood: coppery brown walnut, golden cherry wood and warm black acacia. All of this encapsulated in a frame that weighs just 13 grams and that can feature both prescription and sun lenses.

Each model is also available in the Bling version: a special exterior cover in Galenit, a mineral powder that offers the spectacular shine of quartz and reflects the light in a thousand different ways. The brilliance of the stone highlights the strength of wood to create a valuable and truly eye-catching accessory.


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