X-IDE Presents Stylish Foldable Sunglasses

X-IDE 1-2-3, the three step folding sunglasses are perfect for this summer season

X-IDE_1.2.3.-(1)History has seen some samples of folding glasses, but it is only with the modern age and technology that they become a must. With todays men and women opting to travel more, foldable sunglasses seems like a good, comfortable option.

Comfortable to hold in your pocket and in any bag, lightweight and not voluminous X-IDE 1-2-3 sunglasses are perfect for the summer season. Perfect to carry them on X-IDE_1.2.3.-(2)at the beach or around the city, super trendy reflect the spirit of the unique brand in the eyewear industry. Ease your travel with X-IDE 1-2-3 sunglasses.

X – IDE, a brand far from the logic of the eyewear market, is characterised by constant attention to details, from the stylistic and technical innovations. The spirit of X-IDE knows no bounds in its original production that honours Made-in-Italy traditions.


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