2022 An Eventful Year Ahead

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2022 An Eventful Year Ahead

2021 saw the postponement of many events. Some were strong (and lucky) enough that covid did not deter their plans. So we saw Silmo 2021 in Paris and VP Expo 2021 in Dubai with eager exhibitors and encouraging visitors. How does 2022 look for events?

It’s time to look ahead and with 2022, there’s already been 2 main events pushed further, Opti 2022 and Mido 2022. Currently the industry is focussing on the local demand and supply but growth would require cross-border engagement and events play a big role in making this happen. The industry needs to come together and ensure that these events take place and things turn back to normal.

We invited some Event Organisers to share their vision and plans for 2022. And here’s what some of them had to say.


Opti: The International Trade Show For Optics & Design

Bettina Reiter : Opti Exhibition Director

Place (Hall and City)  :  Fairground Munich, Germany

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Dates  :  13.-15.05.2022, 27.-29.01.2023

Vision for the current year 2022

The upcoming opti will be a fantastic mix of innovation and tradition. On the one hand, we will have innovation e.g. with our opti FORUM XT, which will be mirrored on site, highlighting the industry's most relevant trends. On the other hand, we will be focusing on the heart beat of opti, i.e. on “real life” meet-ups and business opportunities.

Details about what the exhibitors/visitors can look forward to for the event in 2022

opti will have tradition in the form of our hall concept (four halls, C1 to C4), which provides the well-known opti atmosphere while the familiar structures and routes through the site facilitate a smooth and focussed trade show visit. At the same time opti in May will be a summer sale event. Ophthalmic optics orders and transactions have adapted to the current situation.

Strict dates for collections are no longer defined automatically, many launches of collections or models have become more fluid and that will show in the May edition of opti 2022. opti will prove to be the strongest trade show in the DACH region, whilst also attracting again international audience with its date in May.

Are there any incentives for exhibitors to participate, considering it's been a tough 2 years for everyone concerned?

Even though we firmly believe that opti will take place in May, we continue to guarantee our exhibitors 100 per cent cancellation free of charge should we have to cancel opti for corona reasons.

In terms of content, opti exhibitors and visitors alike can look forward to a number of highlights at the trade show in May: the focal points of our successful opti FORUM XT webinar series will be reflected on site. Another highlight is the new opti BOX AWARD supported by eyebizz. The start-up-scene will gather here within the opti BOXES, in front of trade visitors and trade media, and for the first time ever be evaluated by a new jury. And of course, there will be lots of "real" encounters and business-relevant get-togethers that make opti the leading trade show for ophthalmic optics in the DACH market.

When and how do you think normalcy will return to the events industry?

For us, opti in May is a milestone towards normality. The industry equally needs and totally misses the face-to-face trade show as a live event and guarantee of business. This is shown by the trade fairs that have been held very successfully in recent months under proven safety and hygiene standards, among others IAA

MOBILITY, the world’s largest mobility event. Just now Trendset, the international trade fair for home furnishings, has taken place successfully here in Munich. Overall, there were fewer visitors, but the quality was excellent as decision makers make up the biggest part
of them.

After the last few months, the enthusiasm for investment is enormous, just like the joy of meeting again live in colour and experiencing products inreal life.

A message for the industry

We are preparing this central marketplace and showroom for the successful ophthalmic optics industry with everyone and for everyone who wants to be there! So let's meet at opti! Let's visit Munich in springtime and let your heart beat at opti 2022! For real business and moments to remember!

Silmo Paris: The Optical Fair

Eric Lenoir : Director of SILMO Paris

Place (Hall and City)  :  PARIS Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre

Dates  :  23 -26 September. 2022

Vision for the current year 2022

The highlight of the year 2021 was the SILMO PARIS event, reuniting very enthusiastic professionals. We received entirely positive feedback, and the current sales for the next edition are proving very dynamic.

We are finally returning to some form of normalcy, demonstrated by the fact that our upcoming events are all going forward as scheduled: COPENHAGEN SPECS, from March 5th to 6th; BARCELONA SPECS, a new event, from May 7th to 8th; SILMO PARIS, of course, from September 23rd to 26th; SILMO ISTANBUL, from November 17th to 20th; and two showrooms, in Lisbon and Prague respectively. Barring some unexpected occurrence beyond our control, 2022 will be a year for recovery.

Details about what the exhibitors can look forward to for the event in 2022

Our strengths are consistency and continuity. Last year, despite the absence of certain exhibitors, we didn’t settle for a second-class SILMO. All the features involving training, information and business promotion were kept entirely intact, including Silmo Academy, Silmo d’Or, Silmo Next, Trends by Silmo, and others. In 2022, both exhibitors and visitors will be able to get their bearings and take advantage of an extensive programme throughout the year.

Details about what the visitors can look forward to for the event in 2022

A broad, diverse range of exhibitors; as I said, our sales are well underway. Again, we’ll be making available all the features that provide inspiration (lectures, trends forum, digital magazines, etc.), and of course we ensure our distinctively convivial atmosphere, which we always strive to further improve.

Are there any incentives for exhibitors to participate, considering it's been a tough two years for everyone concerned?

I believe that the best motivations are our unfailing support to the entire industry, the positive buzz spread by exhibitors and visitors, and the conviction that a physical event remains essential in order for people to establish contact and optimise their business.

Digital alternatives have been a great way to get through this period, and they will continue to fulfil a role; but the physical meeting of professionals at a given time in a precise spot remains fundamental.

However, as trade fair organisers, we must increasingly justify and demonstrate our added value to professionals – whether exhibitors or visitors –, who are ever more cautious, and therefore selective, of what is on offer.

When and how do you think normalcy will return to the events industry?

I don’t have a crystal ball, but unless a catastrophe strikes, the experts predict that 2022 will be relatively positive for the sector, and that the industry will be fully back in the swing of things by 2023.

A message for the industry

It has often been said, but in recent times the optical and eyewear industry has shown great resilience, and the prospects are looking promising in the coming months. The SILMO teams loyally continue to support all the professionals of the sector, remaining actively involved in coordinating helpful and welcoming events.

Mido 2022: Back To The Origins

Giovanni Vitaloni : President : MIDO and Anfao

Place (Hall and City)  :  Rho Fiera, Milano

Dates  :  30 April – 2 May 2022

Vision for the current year 2022

MIDO 2022 goes back to the origins, taking place from Saturday 30 April to Monday 2 May in Milano Rho Fiera: the decision to move the show was driven by the will to ensure exhibitors and visitors the best business conditions, even in this global pandemic situation.

The new dates represent a profitable period for commercial activities, still respecting the ongoing of other international eyewear fairs. This is a strategic time of the year for business and internationalisation, taking MIDO back to its origins, as its first edition actually took place in the month of May.

Details about what the exhibitors can look forward to for the event in 2022

After a break of two years, what is important for exhibitors and on which we will focus the most will be to finally give them the opportunity to do business. The program is being defined but we can anticipate that it will develop within the pavilions, dedicated meetings to do business, workshops, conferences and social events, with international guests and the traditional VIP testimonials. 

For this 2022 Mido edition the key words are: sustainability, innovation and future. The eyewear show will be an opportunity to present novelties in terms of style, research and technology. To these three key concepts, however, we must add a fourth that is increasingly common to the entire supply chain, namely the word “flexibility”, which has allowed our industry to do well in spite of the difficult times.

Details about what the visitors can look forward to for the event in 2022

The 2022 edition will be distinctive and unforgettable for everyone who participates in the event. There will be encounters with distinguished guests, awards, honours and previews in the pursuit of “craving a new beginning”. The event will also be complemented by the MIDO 2022 I DIGITAL EDITION, the digital platform launched in June 2021 that helps boost a beneficial connection between the physical and digital worlds. On Saturday 30th April, we will deliver the BeStore awards to optical centres that have been selected by a special international jury and during the three days, in pavilion 15, the OttiClub, there will be many meeting moments such as the one with WGSN to talk about trends and style, Materially to discuss innovative materials and then experts and professionals to address issues such as retail, presbyopia, progressive, marketing and more.

Are there any incentives for exhibitors to participate, considering it's been a tough 2 years for everyone concerned?

Of course, it’s not been easy and the same goes for exhibition centres too. There are technicalities and time based processes to be respected that, once started, can’t be stopped. MIDO helped with flexible deadlines for example and the right of withdrawal is certainly included in the signed regulation. Moreover, for reasons of force majeure, MIDO will return 100% of the deposit.

When and how do you think, normalcy will return to the events industry? 

We suppose that 2 more years are needed to run as before 2020. We can say that in 2024, if the pandemic will fade away, the situation could be much better even if a “normalcy”  is really difficult to forecast. We have to get used to the fact that a ‘new ordinary’ will be the future and try to adapt and be as flexible as we can.

A message for the industry

Today it seems fairly clear to us that MIDO 2022, held from the end of April to the beginning of May, is the best date for us to return to fulfil our mission: creating and maximising international business opportunities while conferring prestige and vitality to a strategic sector. The spirit of adaptation of the operators in the eyewear industry has made it possible to cope with the repercussions of the health and economic crisis better than other markets. The general picture promises a recovery in 2022, back to the pre-Covid consumption levels, without excluding even higher growth. Let’s meet at MIDO!

VisionPlus EXPO Dubai 2022: Your New Destination For Eyewear  Shows

Jasbir Bolar : Marketing Director, VisionPlus and FourPlus Media

Place (Hall and City)  :  Festival Arena Exhibition Centre, Dubai

Dates  :  19-20-21 October 2022

Vision for the current year 2022

Our vision for 2022 is quite simply to help the industry grow back to its full potential. And that starts with bringing the industry together on one platform which is convenient for everyone, and conducive for business and networking. Dubai offers all of this.

The maiden edition of VisionPlus EXPO established Dubai as a new destination for eyewear shows.  It was among the few successful trade shows for the optical industry last year, attracting exhibitors from 16 countries and buyers from over 59 countries. This year we hope to build on the success of the last edition and give all our participants a bigger show and even better experience.

Details about what the exhibitors can look forward to for the event in 2022.

In terms of facilities and show quality, we will continue to maintain the standards that one expects of Dubai and VisionPlus. We plan to give our exhibitors more coverage in terms of promotions for their participation, and take their brand message to all potential buyers, in advance.

Besides that, we’re targeting a bigger attendance from the local markets, extending to the entire Middle East & Africa region, and South Asian markets including the Indian subcontinent going up to Singapore and Malaysia. Exhibitors will get a chance to connect with prospective buyers, build stronger networks and even learn from their peers.

Details about what the visitors can look forward to for the event in 2022

This year we aim to raise the bar! We hope to bring the best of products, equipment and technology from all over the globe under one roof. Continuing with the pattern followed in the maiden edition, we will be hosting knowledge sharing sessions as well under the VP Academy. For a nominal fee, opticians can benefit from these sessions and get certified as well.

VP Awards (Arabia) remains a big draw, as a celebration of eyewear business in the MENA region. We also have a special featured area — Project Eyewear, which will showcase upcoming eyewear  designers. I think visitors who are looking for that 'something different' would love this.

When and how do you think normalcy will return to the events industry?

I can’t say much for the other shows or countries, but Dubai specifically seems almost completely back to normal as far as events are concerned. The EXPO 2020 which is still underway has shown reasonable success. VisionPlus EXPO was launched in this period, and was one of the few successful optical trade shows in the world last year. Even shows in other sectors like beauty, food, consumer electronics have seen good visitor participation here.

The administration here has gone to great lengths to ensure that proper precautions are taken, and the results speak for themselves, I guess.

A message for the industry

The pandemic has impacted all businesses - optical trade is no exception. Let’s hope that the worst is behind us, and get back to rebuilding and reclaiming lost ground. Come to Dubai. Together, let’s celebrate eyewear. Block your calendars for 19-20-21 October 2022.

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